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Park Jungsu
Stage name: Leeteuk (official)/ Eetuek (unofficial)
Chinese name: Li Te/Lay Duk
English Name: Dennis Park
Birthday: July 1st, 1983
Blood type: A
Height: 178 cm
Special skills: playing the piano, composing, singing
Hobbies: Listening to music
Family: Parents, Older Sister
Other Facts:

Involved in a car accident in 2007 with Super Junior members Kyuhyun, Shindong, & Eunhyuk.
Leeteuk/Eeteuk means “special”, because he’s a “special guy”
Calls himself an “Angel without wings” or “Angel Teukie”
Therefore, white is his favorite color
Heechul gave him the nickname “Peter Pan” (because he’s an angel, and Peter Pan flies)
Got lasik eye surgery before debut (2005) but he still wears glasses for fashion
Has a driving license
Was a pepsi model
Was going to be in a 5 member boy band w/ future SJ member Donghae, but the idea was dropped
Starting December 2007, Leeteuk became the host of his own show, Leeteuk’s Love Fighter, a veriety show of Leeteuk helping to solve troubled couples’ problems.

Kim Heechul
Stage Name: Heechul
Chinese Name: Xi Che English Name: Casey Kim Birthday: July 10, 1983
Place of birth: Gangwon Province
Height: 179 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lb.)
Blood Type: AB (“The way I see it, those with A, B, and O are the ones that are strange.” -heechul)
Education: Sang ji Young University (English Translator Major)
Hobbies: Writing poetry, Drawing comics, Playing computer games, singing and dancing, sparing with Heebum.

Other Facts:

Heechul’s favorite music is sad songs. He even dances to those.

Heechul’s favorite food is Kimchi Bbokeumbbop (kimchi fried rice)

When asked his Ideal type he answers with “Trying to find a woman who is your ideal type is quite rediculous. The person you truly like is your ideal type. I didn’t realize that.”

His definintion of Concerning love is “Unique ability to melt an ice-like heart.”
He can not seem to get himself drunk even if he wanted to.
When asked how many most valuable friends he has he answers “The important thing is not ‘how many’ but rather ‘how deep’.
Heechul is not afraid to kiss guys.
Heechul treasures himself over anyone else.
Heechul’s first time drinking alcohol was in junior high.
Heechul does not like the fact he is growing up.
Heechul does not have any thoughts of getting married, but he would like to soon.
Heechul listens on average to 4 songs before being able to fall asleep.
Some of Heechuls specialities would be his quick wittyness in verbal combacks.
Heechul’s answer when asked about his religion is “Against even Siwons preachings, I have no interest.”
Heechul was smart and at the top of his class when he was a kid.
When asked the difference between men and wemon he replied “The difference between a false angel and a genuine devil.”
If he was to be born again he wants to be a flower blooming on a high cliff so no onw can touch him.
He thinks rainy days are irritating.

He believe no one should smoke.
He wants two kids.
He is a very deep and sensitive person.
When Heechul gets mad he tends to throw things.
He does not pay his cellphone bill, its sent to his parents.
Heechul when asked if he became invisible what would he do he replied, “My answer when I was in grade school secretly looking into wemons bath houses.”
His moto is “Im me, you are you.”
He hates the fact he has so much pride.
He got a cat from a fan & named it HanJHeeBum – its name is a mixture of Hankyungs, Typhoons of the Trax, Heechul’s, & Kibum’s names. It is a Russian Blue cat that’s worth around $500-$800.
Favorite color: Red (blood), Pink, Black
Favorite movies: Horror movies, Thrillers, & Comedies
He averages about 4 hours of sleep a day
Nickname: Cinderella
“Confidence & my beloved friends” are the most important to him
He’s in Super Junior T
He was in a car accident in 2006
When his friend, Yunho U Know of DBSK was poisoned by a female anti fan he criticized her on his website & told the anti-fans to come after him instead.
Before he officially debuted as the member of Super Junior, he was put into a group with Kangin, & Jaejoong & Yunho of DBSK They were to be called “Four Seasons” w/ each representing the 4 seasons, The idea was dropped.
He is funny and a good friend to everyone.
Heechul has named his own fans as “Petals.”

Has a drivers license.

Plays the piano and violin.

Han Geng
Born: Feb. 9th, 1984
Stage Name: Hankyung English Name: Joshua Tan Birthplace: Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China
Height: 181 cm
Weight:66 kg
Blood Type: B
Interests: Listening to music, Computer games
Special skills: Chinese traditional dance (from 55 minority nations), Ballet and Martial arts

Other Facts:

Used to have a Husky named Rider
He is the leader of Super Junior Mandarin/ M
His idol is Andy Lau; He also admires Wang Lee Hom and Jang Dong-Gun.

Favorite color: Black

Favorite movies: Horror
He always carries his cell phone, Mp3 player, PSP, Cologne, & A Chinese-Korean Dictionary
He considers his family & the other Super Junior members as the most important people to him
He bought his parents a dumpling resturant

Said Since he’s not from Korea he is only allowed to appear on SBS&KBS, which is not true it is because there is something wrong with his visa(green card) that it why.

He gives mostly all of his money to his parents

He cooks for the other members

He didn’t know any Korean with he arrived in Korea

His Motto: “Try you best everyday”

When SJ M was asked, “Who wants to get married the most?” Han Geng’s answer was, “me”
When SJ M was asked “Who likes to check out the girls?” They all answered, “Han Geng.”

Once when Han geng went to a Shen Zhen he was arrested for not having a permit in the town. So he had to sit in jail until his friend came with a premit.

He spent about 20 hours a day in training his dancing when he first moved to korea.

After a year of training he ran home and said he didn’t want to do it anymore say “I didn’t have any confidence I was very lonely and I didn’t think that anyone wanted to help me.”

Kim Jong Woon
Stage Name: Yesung
English Name: Jerome Kim
Birthday: August 24th, 1984
Blood Type: AB
Siblings: Younger brother
Place of birth: Cheonahn, South Chungcheong province
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Religion: Catholic

Other Facts:

His first love was in the 2nd year of Junior High School

He plays the piano.

His first kiss was in the 2nd year of High School
He would like to go to Canada

His favorite season is Autumn
His favorite color is red
Red ‘best represents him’
He is in Super Junior’s 1st subgroup, Super Junior KRY with Kyuhyun & Ryeowook
He is the Self-proclaimed butt expert of Super Junior
His mom sent in his application for SM
He has small hands
He cried on live radio after getting sick of being cut from TV
His stage name, Yesung, means “Art of Voice”
In Super Junior Happy.

Kim Young Woon
Stage Name: Kangin English Name: Jordan Kim Birthday: January 17th, 1985
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Nickname: Racoon, also called himself Korea’s #1 handsome guy

Other Facts:

He dislikes strong people picking on weaker people
Sometimes when he looks into the mirror, he sees his face & can’t help but smile.
Sometimes he’ll even call his umma & say, “thank you for raising me up to be so awesome.”
He considers knowing yourself as a very precious thing. If you can love yourself, then you can love others
During high school he got love confessions from guys & they even touched his face as he took a nap
Kangin likes natural beauty, therefore he likes girls with nice legs because legs cannot have plastic surgery done on them
SJ members say that despite his touch appearance Kangin is very kind & fragile.
Kangin has a tattoo thats supposed to read “Actions are more precious than words.” But when getting it done, the tattoo artist misspelled Precious making it read “Actions are more prection than words.” (Poor Kangin has to live with that for the rest of his life.

Shin Dong Hee
Stage Name: Shindong English Name: Matthew Shin Birth date: September 28th, 1985
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Blood Type: O

Other Facts:

He is responsible for most of Super Junior’s choreography
He is flexible everywhere except his midsection
He cannot do a handstand
He can’t swim
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: “Streaky pork”
Wants a sports car
Skills: Teasing others, making faces, dancing.
Shindong has a tactoo of a clown that reads “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”
Suju wanting to extend their sleeping time decided it would be fun to race in taking showers. Siwon made a record with 1 minute until Shindong broke it takeing a shower of only 17 seconds.

Lee Sung Min
Stage Name: Sungmin English Name: Vincent Lee Birthday: Jan 1st, 1986
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Blood Type: A

Other facts:

He is anemic

He does martial arts & taught himself nun chucks
When asked to finish the sentence, “Super Junior is…” he replied, “a theme park”
He says his cuteness is natural. If someone asks him to do aegyo he can’t do it.
He loves the color pink
He was going to change his wardrobe once but there was too much pink so he decided not to.
Nicknames: Rabbit
He wants his noona fans to call him oppa if it would make them feel better
He’s very precise when he cooks
The other members of SJ think he’d be the best candidate for getting caught cheating on his gf
He is often associated with pumpkin after being in the drama “Sea of Sisters”. In that drama he asked a girl to steam-cook sweet pumpkin for him. Fans thought he was cute & asked him to recite that line in shows, etc.

Lee Hyuk Jae
Nickname: Monkey
Birthday: April 4th, 1986
Stage Name: Eunhyuk
His real name was the same as that of a famous comedian so SM Ent. Gave him a stage name.
English Name: Spencer Lee
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Blood Type: O

Other Facts:

Close friend of Xiah Junsu of DBSK/TVXQ. They went to the same elementary & middle school.
On August 21st, 2006, Eunhyuk debuted as a DJ for KBS Super Junior Kiss the Radio (a.k.a. Sukira) with Eeteuk.
He is in the 2nd Super Junior subgroup, Super Junior Trot/Super Junior T, along w/ Shindong, Heechul, Kangin, Eeteuk, & Sungmin
In his Cyworld diary Hyukjae wrote:
“These days I keep on staying up all night. I go to the practice room and turn
on the music loudly & dance & sing, or I get lost in thought. I still
have a little anxiousness in me. I’m afraid that if I don’t do this ill lose
everything. Why didn’t I practice all this time? You don’t need things like
sleep. I need to hurry & become the best for the people on my side because I
want to make them proud of me. So that they can forget all the embarrassing and
difficult times. Anti? I don’t really care about stuff like that~~People that
are better than me, more respectable than me, more amazing than me. There isn’t
even time to think about them & look at them. Why should I spend my time
caring about people worse that me? They are people that insanely love it when
people cuss back at them & react to them so just ignore them~^^ I’ll erase
all their writings~ because it ruins the eyes of our pretties. Haha” -5/16/07

Name: Lee Dong Hae
Chinese Name: Dong Hai
Stage Name: Donghae
English Name: Aiden Lee
Birthdate: October 15th, 1986
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood Type: A
Nickname: Fishie
Special Skills: Dancing, Sports, Singing, Somersaults, Guitar
State Experiences: 2001 SM 1st Best Youth Election (Best Looking)
Pets: A dog named Bada

Other Facts:

Close friend of Yunho of DBSK
Created EunShiHae so Shiwon wouldn’t be mad about Eunhae
Loves seafood
Loves children & puppies
Likes to wear hats
When he was still in the group O-Kay, Hyukjae and Junsu jokingly told him that he was officially a celebrity & his life as well as himself would change. Once he heard this he ran outside & cried.
He likes watching movies, especially foreign ones
He likes Song Hye Gyo
He likes being called a prince
His hope for the future is to “Conquest America”
He has no particular drinking habits
The movies ha has watched w/ the most meaning are Titanic & A Walk To Remember
What he thinks of E.L.F: “I love them because they care for me & support.”

Choi Si won
Stage Name: Siwon/ Shiwon
English Name: Andrew Choi
Birthday: Feb. 10th, 1987
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies & Specialties: sleeping, watching movies
Education: Hyun Dae High School, Inha University (physical Education Arts Department)
Other Facts:

He once played drums for The Trax on a show due to their drummer leaving
If he was going to propose, he wants to do it like his dad. He wants to propose in the very same church.
Habits: Gestures whenever he speaks
Awards: ‘Best Super Model of the Year’, ‘Sexiest Guy In Korea’
Is in Super Junior M
Besides being in Super Junior he is a model & an actor.
Siwon was once saved by Andy Lau when he was filming Battle of Wits’, Andy saved him from falking face forward down a cliff, becoming both his rescuer and savior.

Kim Ryeo Wook
Name: Kim Ryeo Wook or Ryeowook/Wookie English Name: Nathan Kim Birthday: June 21st, 1987
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: O
Education: Inha University- Department of Drama and Cinema
Hobby: Singing, Composing music
Favorite foods: Ice cream, Kimchi w/ fried rice, Chocolate, strawberries covered w/ chocolate
Favorite Color: Purple
Other Facts:

He likes girls who sing well and have nice necks
He likes to get free makeup samples
He never carries an umbrella
He plays the piano very well
He cries easily
He used to play the triangle in the school’s orchestra
He had his first kiss when he was 7
He lost his shoe during a Miracle performance
He can sleep up to 18 hours a day
He never irons newly bought jeans
He has a mole on his right cheek. It’s quite prominent when he doesn’t wear makeup
He wrote Kangin’s and Yesung’s radio logo songs
He likes to talk to others about what he eats
He can speak ‘broken’ English
He is the 4th heaviest drinker out of all 13 Super Junior members
He is the 2nd most outgoing member, after Kangin.
He is in Super Junior’s 1st & 3rd Subgroups Super Junior KRY & Super Junior M

He is shy at first then talkative when you get to know him.

Kim Ki Bum
Stage Name: Kibum
English Name: Bryan Trevor Kim
Birthday: Aug. 21st, 1987
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: A
Skills: Singing, acting, modeling, rapping, piano
Languages: Korean & English

Other Facts:

He was born in Seoul but at age 10 he moved to California
While in Cali he attended school in Los Angeles
He was discovered a few years later by a Korean talent agent who recommended that he audition for Starlight Casting System 2002 & he was later signed to SM Ent.
When he goes on dates he prefers paying. He dislikes his date paying for herself.
He likes cats & rabbits, oranges, the word ‘love’, spring, & Sundays
He dislikes apples, mice, winter, summer, & the number 9
Family: Sister, brother, his cousin is the famous actor & model Shin Dong Wook
Nickname: Snow White, which Heechul gave him
Kim Jong Min said that Kibum looked like him, especially his smile, which he called a “die smile” meaning killer smile!
Awards: Mnet Top 100 Charming Guys Who Are Single (2006): #19
MNet Top 100 Adorable Males (2006): #12
MNet Top 100 Must Have Males (2007): #11

Cho Kyuhyun
Name: Cho Kyu Hyun
Chinese Name: Zhao Kui Xian English Name: Marcus Cho Birthday: Feb. 3rd, 1988
Blood Type: A
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 kg

Other Facts:

Super Junior’s youngest & final member…Added right before Super Junior’s 200th day anniversary
In 2006 he was placed in super Junior’s 1st subgroup, Super Junior KRY with Ryeowook & Yesung
Nicknames: GameKyu, later changed to DraKyu “PrinceKyu” by fans
School: Shinchung Middle school, Yumkwang High School, Kyunghee University
In the early morning of April 19, 2007, Just one month before Kyuhyun’s first anniversary in Super Junior, Kyuhyun, along with Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and two managers were involved in a car accident. Kyuhyun, who was sitting behind the driver’s seat when the accident occurred, received the most injuries. He was hospitalized & diagnosed with a fractured hip, pneumothorax fro fractures ribs, and facial scratches & bruises. He spent time slipping in and out of consciousness and was mute due to shock. Kyuhyun was in ICU for a period of time, but after six days he was moved to a regular hospital room. Kyuhyun was discharged on July 5th, 2007.
Kyuhyun was bedless for awhile & he thought it was because he was the magnae but the other members insisted that wasn’t it!
On Jan. 18th 2007 he sang his ‘Bed Song’ on MNet news. Many fans wanted to buy him a bed.
Kyuhyun finally got a bed in January of 2007
His bed was placed between Ryeo & Teuk’s beds W/ barely enough room to spare!
He is in Super Junior’s third Subgroup, Super Junior M

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